AYSO is a volunteer-run organization.  AYSO has developed age-appropriate coach training to help parents who may have little or no soccer experience quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches.

If you are interested in coaching an AYSO Region 92 team (Head Coach or Assistant Coach) there are four elements that must be completed for a coach certification, listed below:

  1. Complete the Volunteer application online at  Volunteers who are over 18-yrs old must provide a social security number (for background check) and must complete the electronic signature.
  2. Complete the Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness training online.  (2a) Safe Haven training focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as other on-field issues.  (2b) CDC Concussion Awareness training provides the AYSO coach with current information on concussions in youth sports.  Click here to go to AYSO Online Training for Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness certification training.  You will need your AYSO ID number that you received when you  registered as a volunteer or you can see it when you log in to
  3. Complete the age-appropriate coach certification training.  Depending on the age-group, this may be an online course or a combination of class-room and field training.  A list of local training opportunities is available at

Coaches will be issued a coach badge that must be worn at all games to clearly indicate to the referee and spectators that they are the coach and that he or she has completed the three requirements above.

Field Helpers and Youth Volunteers: any parent or helper that participates in practices must also complete the volunteer application and the Safe Haven training.  Youth volunteers just need to be at least 12-years old.

Fall Season Practice Sign-Up Page

The Fall season practice sign-up page will be open for coaches in late August.  U6, U7, and U8 teams are allowed one 1-hour practice per week on Richmond or Brett field.  U10 and U12 teams are allowed two 1-hour practice sessions per week on Campus El Segundo, Brett, or Richmond fields.  U14, U16, and U19 teams are allowed two 1-1/2 hour practices per week.  Teams may only practice during their registered time slot(s) as noted on the my signup page.

Coach Meeting Slides

The links below will go to the slides presented at the annual coach update meetings.


Coach Courses

In-Region Coach Course dates can be found here.  All others can be found at

U6 and U8 courses are available online at  The U10 course has an online portion and a field portion.  These courses are also offered in person at various times – these course can be completed in any Region.  Coaches must pre-register for courses in eAYSO.  After logging into eAYSO, select Lookup from the blue menu bar and Course from the pull down menu.  Fill in the Roster Number field to go directly to the course you want.

The U8 course is required for coaching at both the U7 and U8 level.  Certification for a higher age group does not satisfy the requirement for age-specific certification at a lower age group – coaches must be certified in the age appropriate division.

If you need to look for another local course, fill in CA for the state field,  1 in the Section Field, and D in the Area field.  If you still don’t see a course that meets your schedule, try entering only Section 1, 10, or 11 and do not enter anything the Area field.  You will see other courses that are within an hour or so drive since these Sections cover Southern California.

The Intermediate certification is required for U14 and the Advanced certification is required for the U16 & U19 Divisions

Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports will provide Coach Mentoring throughout the fall season.  Each week, coaches will be able to sign up online U6 to U12 U14 to U19 to have a Challenger Sports Mentoring Session.  All Coaches will also be assessed for at least one practice and one game per season so that Challenger Staff can provide valuable feedback to help improve the skills of our region’s coaches.  The results will be shared 1 on 1 and Q&A is available.

Challenger Sports also provides an online training curriculum for Region 92 coaches to download complete practice plans or select individual drills and games to tailor a training session.  Click here for access to the Challenge Online Resources.

Game Cards

See the example below which shows how to properly fill out a Region 92 Games Card for the U10/U12/U14 Divisions

Official Lineup Form

For more information please contact Kelly Watson, the Region 92 Coach Administrator (email:

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