AYSO is a volunteer-run organization.  AYSO has developed age-appropraite coach training that helps parents who may have little or no soccer experience quickly gain the age-appropriate knowledge and skills they need to be effective coaches.

If you are interested in coaching an AYSO team there are three things that you must do:

  1. Complete the Volunteer application online at  Volunteers that are over 18-yrs old must provide a social security number (for background check) and you must complete the electronic signature.
  2. Complete the Safe Haven training online.  Safe Haven training focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as other on-field issues.  Click here to go to Safe Haven training online.  You will need your AYSO ID number that you received when you  registered as a volunteer or you can see it when you log in to
  3. Complete the age-appropriate coach certification training.  Depending on the age-group, this may be an online course or a combination of class-room and field training.  Contact our coach Administrator for more information on the appropriate coach course or email:


Coaches will be issued a coach badge that must be worn at all games to clearly indicate to the referee and spectators that they are the coach and that he or she has completed the three requirements above.

Field Helpers and Youth Volunteers: any parent or helper that participates in practices must also complete the volunteer application and the Safe Haven training.  Youth volunteers just be at least 12-years old.

For more information please contact Rick Pierce, the Region 92 Coach Administrator (email:


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