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Region 92 is participating in the Section 1 EXTRA pilot program.  This AYSO Program will allow players with similar abilities and skill development to play in more competitive games.  Teams will play in the Section 1 West-Side circuit, against teams from Area 1D, Area 1F, and Area 1P (Torrance to Pacific Palisades).

Region 92 will have two teams participating in the EXTRA program, a GU10 team, coached by Elena Moreno, and a GU12 team coached by Kelly Watson.  Try-outs in El Segundo were held May 28, June 6 and June 21 and players have been notified of their selection.

Players may not participate in non-AYSO soccer programs during the EXTRA program season nor will they participate in the regular AYSO League program or All-Stars tournaments.  However, EXTRA is considered a highly competitive program with post-season tournaments, including the Section and State games.  In fact, the El Segundo GU12 team was selected to participate in the AYSO National games next summer.

A copy of the Section 1 EXTRA Program is available for download here: EXTRA_Guidelines.

Schedules and Standings for the EXTRA program are located on the Area 1P website

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