These Regional Guidelines have been adopted by the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) pursuant to the authority granted in AYSO National Bylaw Section 1.03 (a) (6) to provide guidance to the Region in its organization and operation.

Under AYSO National Bylaw Section 1.04 (l) and National Policy Statement 6.1, the Region has the responsibility to operate in accordance with the Standard Regional Guidelines unless the Region has adopted separate Regional guidelines approved by the Region’s Area Director and Section Director (attached below).

These Regional Guidelines are subject to AYSO’s Articles of Incorporation, National Bylaws, National Policy Statements, National Rules & Regulations, Section Rules and Regulations, and Area guidelines (AYSO’s “operating regulations”).  These Regional Guidelines are meant to enhance and to conform with the operating regulations.  To the extent that there may be any contradiction or conflict among these documents, the operating regulations shall prevail.

Policies and Protocols 051116

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