Team Parents 

Thank you for volunteering your time and efforts in support of the kids and our AYSO Program.  Your role as team parent is crucial to the smooth operation of our AYSO teams!

The following is key information Team Parents may need throughout the season:


Generally, all team parent communication throughout the season is done via e-mail and through the Shutterfly site, set up specifically for Team Parents.  If you do not use e-mail, please let us know so we can make other arrangements to disseminate relevant information. 

You will receive a Board Roster in the Team Parent package.  If you have questions regarding a specific area, for example photos, you may contact the Photo Coordinator directly, etc.  The chain of command regarding “team administration” questions would be first: your Coach, then the Division Commissioner, the Program Commissioner and finally the Regional Commissioner.  Specific coaching or refereeing questions should be directed to the Coach or Referee Administrator.


Every AYSO volunteer must submit an electronically signed volunteer application to the Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) every yearTeam Parents must also complete the Safe Haven Certification.  The volunteer application must be done online at  Safe Haven certification is done at .  With the electronic signature feature in eAYSO, there is no need to print, sign and return anything as it is all handled on-line.


As part of AYSO’s education agenda, Kids Zone is a dynamic program targeted to eliminate negative sideline behavior.  It is aimed toward producing a thoroughly positive impact on everyone involved in youth soccer.  The Kids Zone Pledge brings the positive behavior standards to the spectator/parent’s attention.  The Kids Zone Pledge is also an important regional tool when a spectator claims they were not aware of these standards.  You will be provided with pledge forms to be signed and initialed by each player’s parent/guardians.  Please have each parent sign and return the pledge form to the Team Parent.  The Team Parent is responsible for keeping these signed forms throughout the fall season and can be thrown out at the end of the season.


Included in your packet is a detailed list of these rules.  The most important being no food or drink on the fields, other than water.  Also, we have had issues with people bringing pets to the fields – pets are not allowed at games or practices, at any time – please be sure to stress this to the parents.  This is an AYSO regulation.  Please make copies and distribute these rules to every parent.


Uniforms will be distributed directly after the Team Parent Meeting.  Uniforms no longer need to be returned and are for the players to keep.


The Region’s photo day is typically the second Saturday of the Fall season.  The schedule times for each team will be sent out shortly.  Please have parents complete their order form BEFORE arriving at the photo site.  The region provides each child with one “Memory Mate,” which includes a team photo and individual photo on one sheet.  Additional photo packages will be available for purchase.  Every effort is taken to schedule a team’s photo before their game on that day in the hope of photographing players in clean uniforms.  Please ask your team to arrive earlier than their assigned time, as each team will begin on time regardless of “missing” players or coaches.  If a player cannot attend the photo session they will still receive a copy of the team photo taken on photo day.  They will also have an opportunity to attend a make-up session for their individual photo.  Even if not placing additional orders, each player must bring a completed envelope in order to be included and receive their “Memory Mate”. 


The Region provides one “Thank You” plaque for each team’s head coach.  This will be included when you pick-up your team photos from the Photo Coordinator.  You may give this to your coach at your team party at the end of the season.


Each team in the U10, U12 and U14 divisions is awarded sportsmanship points after each game.  Sportsmanship points are awarded for (1) conduct of the players, (2) conduct of the coaches, (3) conduct of the spectators, (4) uniform appearance, and (5) courtesy towards the referee.  Sportsmanship points are awarded at the discretion of the referee.  Teams that maintain perfect sportsmanship points (no deductions) during the regular season and playoffs will receive up to a $50 reimbursement for their team party.  Expense reimbursement must be submitted on an AYSO reimbursement form by December 31st.  Forms are located on the website under downloads and on the Team Parent shutterfly site.


Team eligibility to participate in post season play for U10, U12, & U14 is determined by participation in the Team Referee Program. While the coach will explain this program with the team and parents, the Team Parent should be familiar with the program. Information about the Team Referee Program is posted on the Region website  Training classes for new referees are offered through mid-October at various locations in the South Bay.  Refer to signup instructions on our region’s website. 


The Region will be operating one snack bar this year at the Campus El Segundo Athletic Field.  The snack bar will be open on Saturdays and Sundays and during playoffs.  El Segundo High School students will be working the snack bar to earn money for their class.  Please help to support our students with your snack purchases throughout the season!


The Trophy Coordinator will contact you when trophies are available for pick-up at the end of the season.

All players in the U6, U7 and U8 divisions will receive participation awards.  In the U10-12-14 divisions, the first place winners in the league play will receive trophies and first and second place teams in playoffs will receive medals.  Please note that trophies will not be released without receipt of the team’s ratings.  Please help to urge your coach to get your team’s ratings turned in quickly.


Each year the Region hosts a Volunteer Appreciation Party, to thank its volunteers.  Stay tuned for the date and further details.



Picking out a team name is fun for the kids.  Selection takes place after the team has their uniform color.  Adult involvement should focus on making sure the team name is appropriate (without innuendo, obscenity, ethnicity, etc.).


Team banners are optional and at the team’s expense.  We typically see team banners at the younger levels, becoming less popular as the kids get older.  As with the team name, the team banner should be appropriate in verbiage and any illustrations.  Banners may be hand-made or purchased through a banner or sign company.  You are free to display your team banner in your team photo if so desired.


A team may opt to purchase sweatshirts or jackets at their own expense and follow the same guidelines as choosing a name or banner.  AYSO strongly recommends not placing a child’s name on the outside of a child’s clothing.  Placing a child’s name on a sweatshirt or jacket provides an easy introduction to strangers, thus putting the child at risk.


The team snack is a popular event with the younger divisions, but seems to taper off as the kids get older.  If your team decides to share in a team snack, the easiest solution is to make a list of your game dates and assign a date to each family.  It is highly recommended that the snack be healthy.  Teams may also opt to provide sliced oranges, or other fruit, during half time.


Gifts and team parties are optional and at the team’s expense.  Financial situations vary from family to family.  Participation is voluntary and expenses should be kept at a minimal level.

Again, THANK YOU for volunteering your time and efforts as a Team Parent.  Your role will help make the entire season more fun and memorable for all of the AYSO kids and coaches.

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