Team Photos

The team photo schedule is available at the following link:


Saturday, September 23, 2017 at Library Park

Team Photo Information

Included in the cost of registration is a memory mate consisting of a team photo and an individual shot of the player. All players will receive their memory mate as long as they show up to picture day and submit white order envelope with contact information.  Additional photos or items may be ordered at player’s expense.

Each team’s photo time slot is posted on the schedule above.  The Team’s picture time is determined in the following order:

  1. Prior to game time for that day (away games take precedence over home games)
  2. Teams sharing a coach are scheduled back‐to‐back (prior to the coach’s 1st game of the day)
  3. Conflicts or Special circumstance

Teams must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled time

Teams are encouraged to make every effort to attend their designated times. However, if there is a special circumstance (i.e. coach works in the morning/afternoon, majority of players on the team have school function or sport conflict, coach leaving out‐of‐town by certain time, etc.), please feel free to call the league picture coordinator as soon as you know of the conflict and arrange for a specific time interval. Please do not request any changes based on the following types of circumstance: prefer a different time, one player cannot be there, birthday party conflict, or want to have children from different teams at the same photo time.

Make-Up Day

Any players who miss the official picture day, may have their individual photos taken on the Make‐up day: ***TBD***.  No appointment time necessary, just show up between times listed.  However, be aware that player will be missing from the team photo used in the memory mate.
Entire teams may not show up on Make‐up Day without coordinating with League’s Picture coordinator.

Team Photos Pick-Up

Team parent will be notified of pick‐up times once photos are ready (day or two prior).
Please assign a representative to pick‐up your team’s packages on assigned day.
If team parent/representative fails to pick‐up packages, please contact picture coordinator to schedule a pick‐up/drop off time.

Additional Team Photo Forms

The team photo form can be reprinted from the following page: Picture Day Form 2016  You may need to resize the form to print on 8-1/2 x 11 paper on most printers (shrink oversize pages).

Contact Information

Photo Day Coordinator – Beth Stoker

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