U5 Jamboree

The U5 Jamboree is a soccer program developed specifically for AYSO players that are 4-years old. The objective of this program is to provide young players and their parents with a “pressure free” introduction to the beautiful and simple game of soccer.

The AYSO U5 Jamboree is held each Saturday morning throughout the Fall season. The AYSO Jamboree format is small-sided soccer. This means that teams are no more than 6-7 players and they play games of 3v3 or 4v4. This is to give each player a lot of time “on the ball” and higher chances of scoring. It also reduces the number of interactions the developing brain has to process.   Our program is based on cutting-edge research and is developmentally appropriate for this age group. The sessions will be managed by rotating parent “coach trainees”. What this means is you will attend and experience each session with your child and you will rotate having a turn as “coach trainee.” We will also have several   “Master Coaches” who will introduce the games or activities and then work with the parent “coach trainees” to help them lead each session. You will be given plenty of notice for your “turn” to coach and the “Master Coaches” will guide you every step of the way. Don’t worry if you have never played soccer and think you know nothing about it: We will teach you everything you need to know to create a positive soccer community around your child.

The sessions will include games, activities, and a scrimmage. All of the games and activities are designed to build the basic, fundamental soccer skills. Our developmental objective is to make learning soccer FUN. But don’t be surprised if your son or daughter doesn’t demonstrate perfect skills right away. Early proficiency does not guarantee future soccer success and vice-versa. It is most important to keep kids having fun so they come back to the game next season. Some players will catch on right away and some won’t “click” until they are teenagers and we need to give them the space for them to develop at their own unique pace. It is VERY common at this age for kids to be very excited to start soccer, only to burst into tears and sit on the sidelines the first time they are engaged in a scrimmage. Do not write off their soccer career! Be patient, don’t push, and make sure you reward the effort.

The two goals of the program are to allow the players to enjoy the activities and to let the game be the teacher. Soccer is not a game of memorized plays and should not be taught by a coach screaming from the sidelines. Soccer is about quick-witted decision-making and we want to develop this from a young age. That means players are going to make mistakes, and we encourage them to do so because mistakes are how players learn.

What to Bring

Each player in the Jamboree division will receive an official AYSO uniform and a soccer ball. Please wear the uniform and bring your ball every week. Also, bring water as it gets hot and we need to teach proper hydration early. Soccer cleats are not mandatory but are recommended. However, shin guards are absolutely mandatory for all AYSO programs. (You will soon learn why they are especially important in U5!)

When and Where

The Jamboree is held at Brett field in El Segundo’s Rec Park. The boys session begins at 9:00 AM and the girls begin at 10:00 AM.

What else

U5 Parent Meeting is Sept 5, 2017 6:30-8pm, Jocelyn Center.  This is where you will pick up uniform, ball, and team assignments.  We will also answer any questions you may have about the program.

First games are Sept 9, 2017.  Last session is Nov 11.

Picture day is Sept 23, 2017

Contact Information

U5 Master Coach: Kelly Watson (kellyami@yahoo.com)



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