Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports will provide Coach Mentoring throughout the fall season.  Each week, coaches will be able to sign up online to have a Challenger Sports Mentoring Session.  All Coaches will also be assessed for at least one practice and one game per season so that Challenger Staff can provide valuable feedback to help improve the skills of our region’s coaches.  The results will be shared 1 on 1 and Q&A is available.

Challenger Sports also provides an online training curriculum for Region 92 coaches to download complete practice plans or select individual drills and games to tailor a training session.  Click here for access to the Challenge Online Resources.

Host a Challenger Coach

Challenger Sports Coaches visit the US each year to provide coach training assistance to AYSO regions like ours.  An important part of the program is for coaches to be hosted by our region’s families for as little as a week or as long as 3 months.  This is an excellent cultural experience for host families.  If you are interested in hosting a Challenger coach in your home, please contact Laura Jeffery ( for more information.

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